Rails with JRuby on MacOS X

by Wolfram Saringer  (2012-07-25)
last change: 2012-07-25

Install Rails Gem:
$ sudo jruby -S gem install rails

If using a proxy either add the corresponding command line flag or edit ~/.gemrc (see below):
$ sudo jruby -S gem install rails --http-proxyhttp://proxy.company.com:8080

Install JRuby SSL support:
$ sudo jruby -S gem install jruby-openssl

Create a dummy project to install the missing gems:
$ sudo jruby -S rails new RailsTest

When using a proxy you can add the hostname to ~/.gemrc like this:
gem: --http-proxyhttp://proxy.company.com:8080
bundle: --http-proxyhttp://proxy.company.com:8080
bundler: --http-proxy http://proxy.company.com:8080

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