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Importing certificates into a Java keystore

last change: 2011-12-06
First convert the certificate to X509 format using OpenSSL. Starting e.g. with a certificate in PKCS12 format convert it to PEM:
openssl pkcs12 -in certificate.cer -out certificate.crt -clcerts

Optionally: export public key:
openssl pkcs12 -in certificate.cer -out certificate.public -nokeys -clcerts

And then to X509:
openssl x509 -inform pem -in certificate.crt -outform der -out certificate.cer

This can finally be imported into a Java keystore:
/usr/local/jdk1.6/bin/keytool -import -keystore keystore.jks -trustcacerts -alias key-alias -file certificate.cer

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Favourite Safari Extensions

last change: 2010-06-14
Nice to see the most welcome Safari Extension to become available within just days of the Safari 5 release: AdBlock for Safari.
Another essential tool for readers of certain german pages like DerStandard.at: Binnen-X removes the typing errors that manifest themselves in inline uppercase letter 'i'.

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Hardening Tomcat

last change: 2010-02-03
A detailed, 56-page guide to hardening Apache Tomcat. Link found via Mulesoft / Sateesh Narahari.

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last change: 2010-02-01
Nice Firefox-Plugin to handle Flash-Cookies: Better Privacy. Recommended.

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last change: 2010-01-27
Nice approach to filtering spam -- actually something I do manually right now. This filter collects multiple messages and tries to find the underlying template which is 'randomized' by words inserted from a limited-size dictionary. It reaches less than 1% false positives after gathering 100 spam-mails and gets even better with more... Might put some additional work on the spammers to evade this.

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CSS Snowflakes

last change: 2009-12-31
Title says it all...
Note: works best in Safari or Chrome. And this is just JavaScript and CSS, not Flash. The time, CSS3 is supported by all major browsers is the time, Adobe should start worrying...

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Google Chrome Beta for Mac

last change: 2009-12-09
Google finally released Chrome for Mac into Beta status. Which is generally good news, although I will not use it for general browsing due to its 'active interest' in my browsing habits. But its excellent JavaScript performance and miniscule memory footprint (at least so far) make it worthwile running it in the background just for accessing my GMail account.

Besides that at some point in the future a port of Iron, a version of Chromium without many of the (intentional) shortcommings of Google Chrome might also be ported to the Mac.

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Internal affairs: RSS feed validated

last change: 2009-10-06
Problems with Google Reader due to an unusual timestamp format should now be resolved, the feed is now valid (some missing fields were added, too).
The RSS timestamp format can be produced with the following Java code:

SimpleDateFormat rssDateFormat = new SimpleDateFormat("E, dd MMM yyyy hh:mm:ss Z");

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last change: 2009-10-01
Besides the quite interesting new take on communication, this one quote from an ARS Technica article about Google Wave highlights one of the really interesting points the technology demo makes:

"Wave's dependence on the latest and greatest browser features are a characteristic that makes the service particularly interesting to Web developers. It sheds light on what the Web would look like without Internet Explorer and it provides an early glimpse at the next generation of Web applications—massively concurrent, highly interactive, and deeply collaborative."

Imagine a Web without the restrictions imposed by Internet Explorer... Might be worth fighting for. And Google Wave could prove to be a major milestone in this war as it seems to garner a *lot* of interest.

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last change: 2009-05-04
This service sounds quite interesting... I'll try to integrate this with my own CMS XMLServ and maybe open a comments section at site. Free for personal use.

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Using Jetty with an Apache mod_proxy load balancer

last change: 2009-04-30
How to force Jetty to use a host identifier in its session cookie values to enable Apache mod_proxy load balancing.

Opera is 15

last change: 2009-04-28
A nice browser... Several features now taken for granted in every (?) modern browser originated here. While Mac support is not still ideal, I still like it for once being a really fast browser on old hardware (were using it actively when my Sun workstation showed its age...)

only real complaint is the missing AdBlock ;-)

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PDF inline display

last change: 2009-04-27
How to use iframes to display PDF files inline within HTML pages.

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CSS Image techniques

last change: 2009-04-27
Some interesting stuff regarding image manipuation using CSS2

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